Manic Panic Prepare To Dye Shampoo Sjampó 236ml

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Manic Panic Prepare To Dye Shampoo

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Kynnum Manic Panic vegan og paraben laust sjampó sem er gert til stuðnings þeirra heimsþekktu háralitum. 

PREPARE TO DYE™ Clarifying Shampoo is designed to do what its name promises. Created with organic ginseng root extract, rosemary extract, sage extract, and a light grapefruit scent, this clarifying shampoo is perfect for a pre-dye wash. Whether you are feeling spunky, spontaneous or just want a deep clean this new shampoo helps your hair prepare for the color, removes excess oils, helps promote a healthy scalp and helps to protect from UV rays for the perfect pre-dye deep clean.

The Only Hair Care Line Designed Specifically for Creative Hair Color.

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