MANIC PANIC UV Electric Banana

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Manic Panic Electric Banana

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Manic Panic Electric Banana is just as fun as it sounds! This Manic Panic yellow semi-permanent hair dye is a funky way to switch up your hair. As an extra surprise, you can enjoy the UV reactive colour under blacklights. This is a bold choice of hair colour that is great for a completely new look.

Tish and Snooky’s original hair dye formula; the classic Manic Panic High Voltage hair dye has been colouring the hair of punk and alternative fashion fans since 1977. The bold colours and conditioning formula are unlike any other. Easily achieve a new vibrant colour while keeping your hair in top condition. Save some for later with the re-sealable tub so you can easily freshen up your colour and touch up your roots.


4-6 Weeks Of High Voltage Hair Colour (Depending On Care Routine)

Gentle Formula Conditions Hair While It Colours

Resealable 118ml Tub Allows You To Save Some For LaterPPD-Free Hair Dye To Protect Hair & Reduce Risk Of Allergic Reaction


Even those with a medium to light brown hair shade should consider pre-lightening their hair before dyeing. For this shade, we recommend lightening hair, with bleach, to a shade 10. A Manic Panic Flash Lightning Kit is sure to help lighten your hair and ready it for semi permanent hair dye.

Please note: Finished visual results may vary dependent on hair type, porosity and the natural base colour.

If you’re a rookie dye hard and are looking for hair dye advice, then make sure to check out our full guide on How To Prepare Your Hair for dyeing! 

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