Spider Man V3 DLX

11.500 kr.

þessi nýjasta útgáfa af Spiderman búningnum inniheldur og galla með vöðvum, grímuna og skó modderingar

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The official deluxe adult costume for Marvel Studios Spider-Man: No Way Home, features a striking red and black design for our favourite New York web slinger. The World’s Most Popular Super-Hero returns in a super-hyped third movie starring Tom Holland. Peter Parker must fight to clear his name after Mysterio reveals his secret identity and frames Spider-Man for his death. Moving away from the previous film costume, Peter will be donning this modern super suit to take on legendary villains once again from the Marvel Universe. Your Spidey Sense will be tingling when you put this padded muscle jumpsuit on for the first time and in doing so, transform into an iconic dress up hero for any party or event.

Jumpsuit with padded muscles and attached shoe covers.
Includes fabric mask.

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