MANIC PANIC AMPLIFIED™ Hár Sprey (Silver Stiletto)

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Frábær lausn í sprey formi fyrir þá sem vilja prófa Manic Panic háralitina en geta samt náð þeim úr við fysta þvott. 

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In need of a new colour, avoiding the hassle of dying your hair? Well, Manic Panic Silver Stiletto is here to help you totally transform your tresses with a gorgeous shade of Amplifie Silver Stiletto. Ideal if you’re looking for temporary transformations for costumes, parties, events or just a big night out. Our Silver Stiletto hairspray is easy to use and is sure to give some truly striking results. If you’ve wanted to go Purple but want to see what it looks like first then why not try Manic Panic Silver Stiletto for one

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