Gólf-púsluspil 48stk Dinosaurs

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Gólf-púsluspil 48stk Dinosaurs

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Melissa & Doug, gæða þroskaleikföng

Fyrir 3 ára og eldri

Skemmtilegt 48 stykkja púsl sem raðast á gólf.

Stærð: 90cm x 60cm

Lýsing Framleiðanda:

Interest in dinosaurs will never become extinct! Meet some favorites while completing this colorful cardboard puzzle. 2′ x 3′ when assembled, the 48 extra-thick pieces feature an Easy-Clean surface to keep this exciting puzzle looking like new.

MELISSA & DOUG FLOOR PUZZLES are extra large and extra tough! Built to last through years of play, the jumbo cardboard pieces are just right for young children: They are easy to grasp, lift, and connect, and they fit together to create stunning oversize scenes. Melissa & Doug Floor Puzzles are an engaging way to help kids build developmental skills, such as fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, cognitive abilities, and social skills. They’re the perfect fit of learning and fun!

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