Deadpool Deluxe

13.990 kr.

Hinn síhressi en kjaftfori Deadpool!  Málaliðinn með munninn, hér í lúxusútgáfu – vöðvafylltur galli.  Ath vopnin fylgja ekki með en eigum þau til sölu

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Become the hilarious, naughty and very cheeky Wade Wilson, played by actor Ryan Reynolds. Deadpool is Marvel’s comedic anti-hero of sorts, who has a twisted sense of humour with accelerated healing powers. Disfigured, with mutant abilities, Deadpool is a discharged special forces agent working as a mercenary! Starring in X-Men movies and the self-titled movie in 2018, this is not one for the faint-hearted!

  • Jumpsuit with digitally printed bodice and fibre filled muscles with stitching definition
  • Full length sleeves with digital print and fibre filled muscles with stitching definition
  • Pants with digital print on front and back plus attached boot tops
  • Snood in breathable fabric with printed detail and mesh eye covers. Weapons sold separately
  • This is an officially licensed Marvel product

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